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On 20.03.2015 principal investigators, students, and postdocs attended the “TRR 141 Workshop” in Freiburg, which took place in the lecture hall of the zoological institute of the University. The all-day workshop was hosted by the Plant Biomechanics Group Freiburg.

In the morning the team of project C01 (N. Abdel Latif, R. Horn, J. Gantner, O. Speck) did some activities with the participants focusing on biomimetics and sustainable development. The present TRR members filled in a survey and participated in an interactive workshop. In addition a talk about “The biomimetic promise” was given by the PI Olga Speck.

After lunch an overview presentation about attachment structures in biology and architecture was given by Prof. T. Speck (Freiburg) and Tom Masselter (Freiburg) talked about branchings in plants as concept generators for technical solutions. Afterwards new PhD candidates and postdocs from all locations of TRR 141 had the possibility to introduce themselves: Stuttgart (R. Lehmann, A. Mader, H. Christof), Freiburg (S. Schmier, B. Özdemir). After discussing about the planned TRR exhibition, there was time reserved for talks in small groups. All in all, the Freiburg workshop was characterized by the inspiring atmosphere and the active participation of the present members.

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  Picture: ICD/ITKE Research Pavilion 2011 (Photo: ICD/ITKE, Universität Stuttgart)