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The fourth “TRR 141 Workshop” was hosted again by the University of Tübingen and took place on July 10th 2015.  Following the suggestions of the participants of the last workshops, the organization style was changed to allow for more discussion time on individual talks.

Also, for the first time, Rafael Horn and Dr. Manfred Drack presented a report from the activities of a C-Project (CO1) and a new survey, this time from CO2, was started. Dr. Mirco Limpinsel from IGMA (University Stuttgart) introduced the questionnaire and everybody was busy to answer questions. A new member of the TRR 141, Mr. Benjamin Eggs from the biology team of the University Tübingen, was welcomed and reported on his master thesis on  spiders, which do not build webs.

 After a pleasant break with a good look into the mineral/rock/meteorite collection of the geoscience department and the refreshment of the participants with the popular Maultschen from a local caterer there were the reports out of the project work. The scientists from SMNS and the University of Stuttgart, Rena Schott and Lucas Eurich (Project A 01), reported on their efforts to model heat and mass transport in natural porous systems, Katharina Klang gave her talk on the structure, properties and energy dissipation of sea urchin spines (University of Tübingen, project A 02) and  Dr. Marc Thielen from the PBG (University of Freiburg, Project A 04) showed how plants served as concept generators for elastically deformable structures.

Despite the summer heat intense discussion groups formed spontaneously at the tables in the backyard of the Lothar-Meyer-Bau in the following couple of hours and gave everybody the opportunity to improve knowledge, share views and establish new contacts.

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  Picture: ICD/ITKE Research Pavilion 2011 (Photo: ICD/ITKE, Universität Stuttgart)