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Debdas Paul (2019): Understanding the mechanisms of robustness in intracellular protein signalling cascades and gene expression. [Dissertation within TRR 141, University of Stuttgart]

Stefanie Schmier (2018): Funktionelle Morphologie und mechanische Eigenschaften des Endokarps von Cocos nucifera und deren Skalierbarkeit. [Dissertation within TRR 141, University of Freiburg]

Katharina Bunk (2018): Branchings and axes in selected plant species as Concept Generators for high load-bearing Joints of branched Building structures.

Tobias B. Grun (2018): Structural mechanics of echinoid skeletons as candidate systems for biomimetic research. [Dissertation, University of Tübingen; Supervisor: J.H. Nebelsick & O. Betz, University of Tübingen]

Linnea Hesse (2017): Qualitative and quantitative analysis of plant branchings and their biomimetic potential using the example of Dracaena marginata [Dissertation within TRR 141 and SPP 1420, University of Freiburg, Supervisors: T. Speck & T. Masselter]

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  Bild-Info: Cidaroid sea urchin skeleton with large tubercles and pore rows (Photo: Nebelsick/Gerber, Universität Tübingen)